Export and Import – education and other products


I have followed – and also participated in – the efforts to export the famous Finnish education system and products in many levels, from the strategies to  grassroots level. We have faced many problems, but made also some success stories!

To me the latest success story is Arusha, hear! -project in Tanzania. Not maybe in an economical perspective, but the results in teacher’s and pupil’s learning and attitudes are remarkable! There is so much more hope in the deaf pupil’s future, they have better work and further studying opportunities. One example is Ewald, a former Meru Primary Deaf Unit student.He is studying in Arusha Technical College at the moment, and doing his Diploma in ICT studies. There are also changes is the decision maker level, the Arusha hear! -project is a model to implement in other cities and countries, too!

My colleaques Eva Forssén and Antti Komulainen are in Arusha at the moment, and they took many kinds of ICT equipment in their suitcases to Meru Primary. We had an idea, that why bring back almost empty suitcases? – Why not bring some Tanzanian products to Finland? Tanzanian handicraft, clothes and accessories are so beautiful! For example the young Maasai girls could get work opportunities making these products and earn some own money and this way avoid marrying too young – and get a chance to go to school! This is a non-profit idea in small scale. The prices of the products go the makers and include a small donation to the Arusha hear! -project.

You will hear more of  this new idea soon!







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