The time has flown… and new ideas


Friday 4th Dec was my last day at Meru Primary School Deaf Unit. I could not believe it! It felt like I had just arrived…  I had felt like home immediately! The latest weeks I had been working mainly with Bertha, the wonderful teacher trainer, because teachers had been busy with the National Exams.

We learned a lot together with Bertha, visiting each others houses and of course at school: Peer tutoring, intelligent networks, transactive memory and gatekeepers… video, Kahoot, Book Creator, inquiry learning, individual learning…  tools, models and methods to support learning! Bertha made also a beautiful video of Meru Primary, it will soon be published and I will share it with you all!

Friday morning we had a serious discussion about the traffic in Arusha. Cars, pedestrians, daladalas (small buses), bodabodas (motorbike taxes), bikes, big buses, dogs, sometimes other animals…. going like crazy! – And Arusha used to be a small town a while ago. Many pedestrians can not estimate, if they have time to pass the street, before the car comes. I have seen so many “almost” hits and crashes. – And yesterday it happened to someone I know. A car hit a pedestrian, who had collapsed first. So sad. Some broken bones, but the pedestrian will be ok. It is still a terrible feeling to the driver too, even if it’s not driver’s fault!

So, one very important thing to teach to the kids also in Arusha, would be How to survive in traffic? I found some nice learning materials and videos online. Bertha will encourage the teachers to use them next year, when Christmas holidays are over!

We hade a nice lunch (maybe the best grilled chicken ever?) with the teachers at the school ending day. The teachers have soooo earned their Christmas holidays! I was happy see them relaxed and making holiday plans. Many of them said they will stay at home and expect to see a lot of relatives visiting… just like in Finland!

We had a wonderful holiday in Tanzania: my family and friends arrived Dec 5th, and Dec 6th we had a big Finnish Independence Day party with 30 guests and good food and traditional African dancing and beautiful singing… and the next day we went to a safari: Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater and lake Manyara! An Experience of a Lifetime! Saw the BIG5!! So grateful!


I left a big piece of my heart in Tanzania, and decided to go back next year! 🙂





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