National Exams and learning with Bertha


Last weeks have been different from normal routines, students have been stressing and participating in National Exams. There has been a lot of criticizing news even in Finland about the poor situation in developing countries with national exams. E.g. in Tanzania around 65% of students fail in the tests in Secundary level. That determines the destiny of many students. No continuing to Upper Secondary and University. I hope that the situation is not that bad in Meru Primary! – And if it is, we are able to tackle it with this project!

Here is a picture of a tradition: the students are scrubbing and washing their desks thoroughly to get rid of every text or mark that has been written on them! No cheating! 🙂


An other wonderful thing has happened: Bertha is back! It has been a great pleasure to get to know this beautiful and bright teacher trainer! We have been discussing many pedagocical issues together with Timo, Bertha and John. Yesterday I had Bertha as a guest in my apartment and we sat many hours at the terrace drinking tea and learning about peer support and intelligent networks at school community. There is already lots of peer support in Meru Primary, but we might be able to increase it and make it more systematic, and set some goals to the professional development together with the teachers.


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