Makumira University seminar


I have had a great pleasure to meet and get to know my Finnish colleaque Timo Oksanen, a Headmaster from Karjaa school. He is writing his Ph.D. Thesis Article and visiting also schools and universities here in Arusha.

Last Saturday we had  a seminar in Tumaini University Makumira about Special Education. Timo’s part was about how we organize and do it in Finland, my part was “case Meru Primary School”. The university teachers were very interested and even moved about the things we could share with them. I showed to them also a video I made from our visit to Jaffery Academy Special Educaton Unit in Arusha last Tuesday. That visit really impressed me! The Headmaster Swaleha was such a good leader and Primus Motor of keeping up the “We are together” -spirit! 🙂

Here is the published video, please watch and share! And like! 🙂

Today I had a special pleasure to meet Bertha, a very bright young lady, who is training the teachers here in Meru Primary Deaf Unit, and is now back in busines after a short brake! Together we can do so much more! I am so happy and things are really progressing here in MPS! 🙂


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