New steps taken!


Friday the 13th was a very productive day for us at Meru Primary school. I did not even have time to look at news online, so I found out about the terrible attacks in Paris just later. – Maybe that was good for me, I was just so happy with the teacher’s progress. Had a couple of hours delay before the sorrow…

Teacher Msuya shared her class blog to all of you! Msuya is at first practicing with her blog, then she will let her pupils send postings to the blog in turns. Here is the address to Msuya’s blog:

Teacher Reheema is continuing the Environmet project with her pupils. They took a lot of pictures of the school yard and the environmental problems they found and tomorrow they are making videos and editing them together! I am so proud of that! Maybe soon I will be able to share some of the videos to you! In the meantime, I can share a very special video that was made here just before I arrived. It tells about a little girl’s life in Arusha. So beautiful! 🙂


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