In the classroom, skyping and making videos


On Friday, Nov 6th,  I participated in two classroom learning sessions, first with Rose and 5 other teachers. Some of the teachers were learning sign language and helping also Rose. The nine learners had so many tutors around them! They were learning about the TIME, 60-system especially, dividing and multiplying. The beginning of the lesson was traditional, teacher-centered, but after that, when learners were practicing, they got every help they needed from the 6 teachers! Luxury! 🙂

The other lesson was about ENERGY. Also at the beginning teacher Msuya used the touch board herself to present new things to the learners, but soon all the learners got to write to the board on turns. The tempo and class activity increased at that time immediately. Participation rules!

We had also a Skype connection to a Finnish School Koulumestari in Espoo. Antti Komulainen was telling the Finnish learners about Arusha, Kuule project and it was so touching when Meru Primary School Deaf Unit students and Koulumestari students waived to each other. And great news: we are getting a robot learning equipment donation from Koulumestari school Finland! Thank you! 🙂

Waiwing to Finnish schoomates…. 🙂

In the afternoon we made a video with Reheema. She learned quickly and promised that they will do videos with her students soon! I promised assist! Now I am waiting for my last “customer”, Veila, for this Friday. We will create a blog.



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