My first teacher trainings in Meru Primary School


Today I had two teacher training sessions. At first all the Meru Primary School Deaf Unit teachers (who were present) got a presentation of the best pedagogical practices using mobile device in learning. I had made a slideshow with examples, and the teachers listened and sat quietly, answered questions, when I asked. The 3rd slide was about KAHOOT. I had chosen a funny quizz, and the teachers had their tablet devices ready. So we started the GAME!!! – Oh, what a difference that made!! Teachers were laughing, talking, asking and giving advice. So big difference to “lectoring”! – Even though the net connection was quite slow, it did not matter. Teachers were like different persons! Not shy anymore… I am so happy with that! 🙂

In the afternoon I had one-on-one learning session with teacher Kirita. She wanted to start a blog with her class, and so she made it with Blogger with my assistance. Then teacher Msuya joined us, and I asked Kirita to guide her to make a blog. – And so happened! What a wonderful kollegial and friendly peer tutoring I was witnessing! I am so happy!


Kirita and Msuya


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