Karibu to Arusha!


I arrived at Kilimanjaro airport late yesterday evening, and the warm winds welcomed me to Africa! John Hizza Jutta, a teacher trainer from Arusha, Meru Primary school, picked me and my very heavy baggage (lots of digital equipment…) up from the airport and drove me to my beautiful apartment, upstairs of John and his family’s home.
I ate a delicous late supper with John and his wife Glory, slept peacefully, woke up when the roosters started making funny noises and now I am already here at the school. The facilities are very nice and we have a solar power system here, so the power cuts are not causing trouble. I have met so many nice teachers and pupils! 🙂 Many of the teachers speak perfect English, so it is easy to communicate. There is also a deaf pupils unit here and I have learned a little bit of sign language, so I can be polite and say hello and tell my name.
I think I am going to start slowly, getting to know the ways of working here. After that I can think how I might be able to contribute the teachers and pupils learning.  – I have a feeling, that I will be the one, who is learning the most! Wonderful to be here!


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